Lunar: The Silver Star Story

Lunar is a spetacular world filled with magic. Once long ago, it was threatened with extinction by an evil force. At that time, four heroes arose and saved the world. The legend of these four heroes inspires many boys and girls, even today.
Alex is no different than any other kids his age. He has friends, three to be exact: Ramus, the rotund dreamer. Nall, his constant companion (the rumored offspring of a white dragon). And Luna, the orphan that Alex's parent's took in.
Alex dreams of taking his friends on fantastic adventures like his hero, Dragonmaster Dyne. Dyne, one of the four heroes, is said to have perished under mysterious circumstances while safeguarding the Goddess Althena. A momument in his honor is erected just outside of Alex's village of Burg.
Alex visits Dyne's memorial every day and dreams of the day he, too, will be able to go on an exciting journey. Just once, he longs to know how it feels to have that rush of adrenaline when facing off against life-threatening danger. Soon much sooner than he can imagine, Alex will have the chance to find out....
*taken from the Lunar SSC game manual

Alex and Luna are so cute!!
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